Osbornes were appointed by Ironbridge gorge museum trust to design 2 new buildings to offer an improved visitor experience of the last remaining, complete Severn Trow, the 'Spry' and an early steam locomotive the 'Trevithick'. The spry was originally housed within a derelict agricultural style building and visitors were unable to get views into the ship as the viewing galleries were all at low level.
The proposal allowed for a fully enclosed structure that allowed for the public to get above the ship and allow views onto the deck and into the hull. the scheme also allowed the mast to be partially raised to display the rigging. The projects main challenge was to provide an uninterrupted space that could fit in with the theme of the Victorian village setting whilst also providing a contemporary museum type experience with dedicated feature lighting and interpretation boards whilst also providing access for all ages and physical abilities. the penetration of the ship through the building allows visitors to walk beneath the spry increasing the sense of interaction with the exhibit.
The structure of the building was left exposed internally to provide a connection to the industrial heritage of the gorge and the neighbouring foundries and Ironbridge. the works for both structures were completed whilst maintaining visitor access to rest of the Victorian town.